Join us August 20, 2016!

The fourth annual Classic City BBQ Festival will heat up Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016 at The Classic Center in Athens, Ga.

The family-friendly festival attracted 2,400 people last year. The event will feature three BBQ contests, local BBQ restaurant vendors, an outdoor music stage, Wild Willies Truck Show, Tailgate Tradeshow, kids zone, a Piggle Wiggle 1 Mile Fun Run and more.

The festival is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and is an official Georgia BBQ Championship 2016 Tour Event.


Friday, August 19

Cook teams move in


Saturday, August 20

11 am – 4 pm: Tailgate Tradeshow

2 pm: Iron Chef Competition

4:30 pm: Awards Ceremony

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Congratulations to the 2016 Classic City BBQ Festival Winners!
View & download all the 2016 winners’ photos here!

Backyard Overall Winners
1. Rickey Bobby BBQ
2. e2BBQ
3. Bite Me
4. Atta Boy BBQ
5. Smoke Em If You Got Em
Backyard Chicken Winners
1. e2BBQ
2. Rickey Bobby BBQ
3. Atta Boy BBQ
4. Smoke Em If You Got Em
5. Bite Me
Backyard Ribs Winners
1. Bite Me
2. Rickey Bobby BBQ
3. Butt Naked
4. Johnny Clay’s BBQ
5. Butt Buddy BBQ
People’s Choice Participants
1st Place: Bite Me (Team 21)
2nd Place: Butt’n Heads (Team 19)
3rd Place: Dennis’ Best BBQ (Team 26)
Hootie Q (Team 9)
Rickey Bobby BBQ (Team 5)
Butt Buddy BBQ (Team 23)
Johnny Clay’s BBQ (Team 26)
Smoke Em If You Got Em (Team 13)
Smoke’n Ribs (Team 7)
Mill Hill BBQ Company (Team 25)
Killer B’s (Team 22)
Italian Rednecks (Team 15)
Bank South Butts (Team 22)
E2BBQ (Team 11)
Erry Day I’m Russlin (Team 3)
Atta Boy BBQ (Team 14)
Que Shack (Team 12)
Chattahoochee Que (Team 34)
Shade Tree BBQ (Team 27)
Major Q (Team 18)
Sideburners (Team 16)
Hickory Prime (Team 28)
Awesome Q (Team 6)
Sweet Aimee (Team 2)
Bottomless Pit (Team 1)
Mom Jeans (Team 4)
Pots BBQ (Team 17)
Butt Naked (Team 8)
Fussin and Cussin (Team 24)
Professional Overall Winners
1. Major Q BBQ
2. Cabin Creek BBQ
3. Killer B’s BBQ
4. J&B’s BBQ
5. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n
Professional Chicken Winners
1. Hickory Prime
2. Harlan Co. Coal Burners
3. J&B’s BBQ
4. Killer B’s BBQ
5. Silver Hammer BBQ
Professional Pork Ribs Winners
1. Midnight Burn
2. J&B’s BBQ
3. Under the Radar
4. Pots BBQ
5. Bald Hawg BBQ
Professional Pork Winners
1. Major Q BBQ
2. Killer B’s BBQ
3. Harlan Co. Coal Burners
4. Q-Hutta
5. Tuff Dawg Grillers
Professional Brisket Winners
1. Cabin Creek
2. 4:20 Q
3. Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n
4. Wicked Que
5. Hickory Prime